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  • Try as hard as we may, there is a fair chance that there will be one or two holes in all that is set out here and that you will have some questions or simply want to talk over some aspect of this. And quite possibly the best way to deal with them will be for us to "sit down" and talk it over.

    There are a number of ways we can do this right now as you will see on the menu to your immediate left, and here are a few suggestions to get us going.



    France: +336 5088 0787
    USA: +1 (213) 984 1277

    For New Mobility Agenda:
    For World Streets:

    Mail address: Europe:
    EcoPlan international
    Sainte Anne. 9, rue Gabillot
    69003 Lyon, France

    North America:
    New Mobility Partnerships
    9440 Readcrest Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90210

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    The New Mobility programs have an important central communications component and makes use of several levels of electronic contact, as you will see if you click your way through the links to your left. And when it comes to the latest generations of "next desk" (as we like to call it) communications -- that is video and voice conferences, and other forms of IP mediated group work support systems -- we have been on line and using this stuff on a daily basis for years. Check out our main Communications page for more on this. (And if you want to get in touch in this big world of ours, you may want to run a local time check, which you can do right here. Especially handy for planning distance meetings and conferences.)

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    Group conferences

    For arranging group conferences -- useful if some of our spread-out colleagues need to be involved to deal with any specialized matters -- please get in touch first so that we can set it up. We can then arrange either a Skype conference call or SightSpeed video conference (up to four parties max.) We also can arrange a more powerful group link (at no cost to you) but this needs to be prepared a few hours in advance. not least since there may be some scheduling to look into given world time differences.

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    In case it may be helpful, we can handle calls in English, French and Italian without a stutter. And if you are patient, also in Spanish, Portuguese and German.

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