2012 WCFD Outreach Survey

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  • The 2012 World Car Free Days Survey

    The survey is laid out to provide quick trouble-free feedback, and is mainly aimed at people who have direct knowledge of and/or experience in organizing or participating in CFDs (or just watching from the sidelines and perhaps wondering whatever if anything is going on).

    A. Three-Minute Quick Survey: If you are in a hurry, the Quick Survey consists of the ten basic identifier questions that you will see at the top of the survey form. Once you have filled this out, the hundreds of people who consult this site looking for ideas and encouragement -- and examples -- will be informed. Thank you.

    B. Ten Minute Survey: It is presented in three parts: the first being the above initial list of short questions, then a short with multiple choice questions and a few dates, etc. which identify your Car Free Day project (or lack thereof). And finally a closing section which gives you an opportunity to identify yourself briefly and give your views on it. The survey is asking the basic questions .. .

    • By way of self-introduction, where do you live, how do you personally organize your daily transport, and what if any has been your direct experience with CFDs?
    • Who are the people, groups who to your knowledge have to pitch in to help make a good CFD work?
    • Can you tell us something about your local CFD (if any)?
    • What are the essential preconditions for success?
    • Why are our CFDs not doing a better job? Where are we missing out?
    • And who is doing a outstanding job in other places -- and how might we all learn from them?

    The three main question groups consist of checkable lists, on which you are invited to check those you feel most appropriate.

    In the final portions of the survey, ample space is left for your Comments both of a general and specific (in your city) nature; and for your Recommendations. These last could be aimed either at your city and those involved, or might be of a more general nature. (You may find it handy to work up your commentaries off the form so that you can check spelling (sic.) etc, and then cut and paste into the indicated slots. These last may appear on the page to be small but they can handle quite large commentaries (say up to 100 words each).

    Check it out. Let us have your views and counsel on this. To our way of thinking this is the only way to do this. After all, who knows your city better than you the people who are out there on the streets every day. And that's where a CFD has to start. Citizen power!!! (Or, from your mayor's perspective: the voice of the voters.)

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