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    If Earth Car Free Day 2001 is going to meet its ambitious objectives, it is going to be because we succeed in networking at the same planetary level which is the target of the Day itself. And as you will see if you go to the 2001 Partners section here, we already have a good start in this networking effort. But you will also appreciate that we are going to have to go much further than that. Which requires planetary team work. And here is where YOU come in.

    The growing list of groups and sites that you see listed here in the World Allies Register are for the most part not (yet) active participating or partners in the ECFD 2001 organizing effort. Rather we identify them at this point as among the potential allies whom we think need to be contacted and sounded out as to their attitudes as part of our outreach program. Perhaps you can help us do that. And in adding to this list if you know of other organizations and groups -- international, national, local -- who should be added to this list.

    In some cases when we take contact we may find that they will want to step forward and somehow get involved. Even if it is no more than informing their networks of the plans that are cooking for the April 19th events, this would already be a huge help. In other cases they may, however, have yet other ideas in terms of their cooperation and support, and perhaps even ready to join in and actively lend a hand. (Given that this is a planetary initiative, it's for sure that there is plenty of work for all willing hands to do.)

    It is further our hope that this informal networking process which we are trying to put in place here in support of this year's program will mature and serve other, continuing purposes. After all, it would be a shame that once we have established these good links to let them go to waste in the future. There is so much that needs to be done.

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    Starting Point

    Two quick points about this massive listing before you dig in.

    The first has to be for us to state clearly and with real gratitude what we think to be the enormous contribution, actual and potential, of all these groups. It's worth a thought to recall that almost all of these groupings and programs are less then a decade old. And that almost all are making aggressive use of 'Information Society Technologies" to make their considerable contributions. In the face of this one has to be both grateful and -- ever we dare? -- a bit hopeful that indeed we may in the years immediately ahead begin to get our first big bite out of that hard apple of sustainable development and sustainable lives. And if we do, it will be in good part because of the kinds of people and groups you see here. An emerging wave of information, ideas, energy and potential for wise governance.

    The second point is to thank all who have, knowingly or not, contributed to this list. We have not hesitated for one moment to make good use of the information that you have so generously shared with us and others on the web. Thanks, and now let's get down to work.

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    Where you come in

    This is where you come in... the one-click link you can use to share your ideas and tips about people and places with whom we should be in touch to make a success out of ECFD 2001. Better yet, why not click here to reply to the EarthCarFreeDay mailbox so that your information and comments will get to the others immediately, and perhaps stimulate them in turn.

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